And here I was thinking this would be a thread with tons of delicious fruit smoothies. But green smoothies?? [insert skepticism here]. If you couldn't tell already, I won't be of much help with the uber healthy recipes. Good luck with your green smoothies though! » 4/17/14 12:07pm Yesterday 12:07pm

Adventures of a Non-Parent: I think we're in Code Red now

Things with Jane have been up and down, but we're at a point now where I'm completely out of my depth. What do you do when a 10 year old lies, trespasses, and steals? (I apologize if this doesn't make sense- I'm writing quickly due to time restraints, and won't be able to edit much). UPDATE: I'm putting this at the top … » 4/14/14 8:45pm Monday 8:45pm

or you have people like me who memorized the alphabet backwards in the 7th grade, when that was used as a timeout punishment at the water park (rule breakers had to say the alphabet backwards successfully before they could rejoin the fun). I never got in trouble, but I saw it happen to other people and I wanted to be… » 4/09/14 5:45pm 4/09/14 5:45pm

Pecans spinwheels are the only item on here I actually ate as a kid. They are pretty good when microwaved for 5 seconds. I don't think I've even tasted the other stuff, and I've never had a Twinkie. Not even a deep fried one. » 3/26/14 7:11pm 3/26/14 7:11pm

Not that you're anywhere near my dad's age (not judging if you are!), but he's a very literate and well read lawyer who uses siri dictation to write all of his emails and texts. A good percentage of the time I have no idea what he's saying because siri put the wrong word. So maybe your guy is just lazy? I'm trying to… » 3/23/14 1:05pm 3/23/14 1:05pm

I totally get what you're saying about psychologically identifying with your size, except I'm the opposite- I was always naturally thin, so that's how I identify myself. You know, in high school I had the friend with the big boobs, the one with a fantastic ass, and then I was the skinny one. That mentality stuck, and… » 3/22/14 9:28pm 3/22/14 9:28pm