I relate to what she's saying about relationships SO MUCH. Being an accomplished woman comes with a lot of relationship challenges. My ex husband did not have the confidence to handle my awesomeness. He, then an MP SGT in the army, would constantly tell me that I should leave him for a Special Forces officer. Things… » 12/17/14 11:42am Wednesday 11:42am

I compared Santa's letters to my mom's handwriting (the Easter bunny didn't leave me letter) and was super confused as to why they were different (I was already skeptical at this point). Years later I found out that she's ambidexteous, and wrote Santa's letter in her non dominant hand. Sneaky. » 12/16/14 10:38pm Tuesday 10:38pm

if you think there's even the tiniest chance you'll get seasick, bring Dramamine (the off brands work just fine too). If you've never been on the open seas, don't assume you'll be fine. Oceans are completely different from lakes. The best way to take Dramamine is to take it the night before. This way you won't feel… » 11/07/14 10:04am 11/07/14 10:04am

One time in flight school Man-dy and I decided to have sex in a field while we were hiking. In the middle of the act we realized that the apaches flying overheard for the gunnery range were probably recording us with their TADS (day imaging system). Oops. » 11/04/14 10:35pm 11/04/14 10:35pm